Monday, March 4, 2013

Tutorial Hijab Pashmina Two Tone

hijabers-en, How to use modern jilbab and hijab tutorial for you a Muslim woman certainly has not
modern2013 foreign hijab, th.inisudah definitely special for every woman pingin change zoom with style hijab /
hijab is fresh and new. not to be confused sisters all, due to the opportunities we can provide partial step guide
using modern veil or hijab, how to wear step, step by step, and must be completed with a picture that
sisters all can more easily understand
1. Wear pashmina two tone with a darker color on the outside or up ukhti everything ^ ^
2. The right side of trim with needle
3. Pull the right side to the front (lighter colors pulled forward and upward veil)
4. Pin needles for clean up
5. Can be seen in different shades;)
6. Make preparations left side with a dark color.
7. Pull up on the line with point number 3, though so not to cover point number 3 but more menyerong color to make it look heaps
8. Finish the tutorial pashmina in two

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